4 Tips on Setting Up Digital Stores

Bring your business online.

Integrating social media with businesses has become vital in ensuring brand success. It has also become beneficial in reaching more people and providing their needs more efficiently.

Social media platforms are like the digital versions of physical stores. They give everyone a peek as to what your company is all about. Setting up social media platforms for your business may seem complicated, but there’s really nothing to worry about. Just take the lessons you’ve learned when you first set up your business.

  • Naming your social media platforms

When you named your business, you thought of how it’d sound, what it’d mean, and its ability to capture your expertise, value, and originality. It was a complex process, good thing there’s no need to go through all that again. In naming your social media accounts, just use your current business name.

Consistency is what’s important here. However, there’s also a bit of creativity needed as some platforms, like Twitter, limit their usernames to 15 characters. Check whether your desired username is available. Once you made sure they’re not being used by someone else, secure it as soon as you can in all social media platforms.

  • Choosing the right social media platforms to use

Using all social media platforms isn’t necessary. Not unless they’re all going to work for you. Each social media platform has their own advantages. For instance, Facebook is for building and keeping in touch with a dedicated following of clients while Instagram is better when it comes to generating leads.

To determine which social media platform you should go for, identify your target audience and which platforms they constantly use. You can also check which platforms your competitors have engaged with efficiently. Lastly, make sure you have the resources and skills to use your desired social media platform.

  • Presenting your social media platforms

Your social media platforms should reflect your company’s identity, so it’s important to keep using the same colours, fonts, and images. Inconsistent branding will affect your recognition and engagement. Also, not only will uniformity give your brand more impact, there’ll also be no confusion among your audience.

Another thing to look out for is your brand voice. Having a definite brand voice determines how your business communications and interactions will go. Using your company’s values and goals as basis when coming up with your brand voice. Doing so will make sure that your voice matches well with your company.

  • Maintaining your social media platforms

To keep your social media platforms alive, always have new content on your feed as often as possible as people online look for new stuff to consume everyday. However, don’t just post random content. It should be relevant to your audience and worthy to be clicked and shared.

Also, since this is a world of social media, you have to communicate and engage with your audience. Talk to them by replying to their comments, answering their questions, and taking part in their discussions. This way you’ll be able to build strong relationships and have loyal followers.

Handling social media platforms demands commitment and hard work even when they’re just for personal use. Believe it or not, a lot of businesses fail to maximise their social media platforms and most of them are left in the dust. Good thing there are those who live and breathe social media, experts who know the ins and outs of digital marketing.

If you’re not confident enough to do things on your own, leave all the dirty work to to these digital specialists. From creating a strategic marketing plan, achieving your branding goals, producing top-notched contents, managing your social media accounts, expanding your base, and researching and analysing all necessary information, they got it all covered.

So just sit back and relax. They can guarantee that your venture into the digital realm will be all worth it for you and your business.

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on January 30, 2019