Draycir is working with Hashtag Interactive to find coding connoisseurs for their Bangkok team

Singapore, October 2021 – Building the systems that support the modern world’s transactions, software developers are the backbone of the digital age. From working behind the scenes to pioneering new ways of solving problems, programmers develop a new world through every line of code. However, such high demand for these positions challenge companies to emerge as a top choice for budding programmers and seasoned developers alike.

In a highly competitive market, Draycir Thailand has joined forces with Hashtag Interactive to find the next batch of code wizards to join their growing team. Over the next couple of months, we are creating an employer branding strategy that will maximise the algorithm to Draycir’s advantage.

About Draycir
Draycir is a software development company that specialises in document management and credit control software. Combining innovative means with guaranteed methods, Draycir provides practical solutions to real business problems – helping businesses reduce their environmental impact, cut costs and bad debt, and improve cash flow.

About Hashtag Interactive
Hashtag Interactive is a Singapore and Manila-based digital marketing agency that offers digital solutions for real-world marketing. Covering everything from digital strategy and transformation, performance marketing, content strategy, and social media marketing, Hashtag Interactive optimises brands and companies for the digital age.

on October 22, 2021