Hackathon Much?

Our first Digital Marketing hackathon!

We are happy to announce that we’ve just just concluded our first ever Hashtag Interactive Digital Marketing Hackathon!

The workshop, which was held from 28 to 29 January 2016 in Singapore, brought together our teams from Singapore, Manila and Indonesia. With the intention of helping each person in the Hashtag family become digital marketing masterminds, our teams all took part in a series of real-world campaign simulations, learning sessions by industry experts, comprehensive discussions and intense activities designed to help them hone their craft and develop new skills.

The event brought some of the youngest and brightest digital geniuses together and pushed them to go even further. All the tasks and forums in the workshop were designed to force each member of different teams to step out of their comfort zones and step up to the challenge of delivering their own innovative strategies and effective marketing plans using the latest techniques and trends in the industry. In the span of only 24 hours, each team had to produce actual content, applications and designs to support their plans. It gave them a fresh new perspective on digital marketing and more valuable insights into everything that goes into launching a successful campaign – from conceptualisation and planning to actual execution.

Overall, the Hashtag Interactive Digital Marketing Hackathon was such a huge hit, we’ve decided to make it an annual event. We’ve all committed to keep pushing the boundaries of digital marketing to parts unknown and beyond!

What some of our team members had to say…

“I’m very happy with what our teams were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. Everyone really stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park.”
Vince, Managing Partner

“I couldn’t have been happier with the results and feedback. Everyone was very enthusiastic and the plans and executions presented seemed like they took weeks to prepare instead of hours. We’re going to work hard at making the next Hackathon even more exciting!”
Mina, Chief Content Strategist

“While I knew that #TeamHashtag was capable of great things, I was still blown away by what everyone had come up with in the span of 24 hours for this Hackathon. Clearly everyone was ‘In it to win it!’ and that kind of enthusiasm and drive can be pretty inspiring.”
Rocky, Head Geek

“It was an awesome experience! A crash course in advanced digital marketing done the Hashtag Interactive way.”
Mark, Content Producer

“It was a great experience for us! We learned and experienced first-hand how to conceptualize and implement a digital marketing campaign from scratch.”
Matt, Growth Strategist

“The Hackathon showcased the deep pool of talent that Hashtag Interactive has to offer. It gave us a refresher for skills left dormant and taught us new ones that we can use in the future.”
Jea, Digital Designer

“The Hackathon was a great challenge for all of us. We were teamed up with different people from different countries to produce an awesome digital marketing campaign in a short period of time. It pushed us out of our comfort zone and left us with a wonderful memory that we can be proud of.”
Mon, Digital Designer

“It was an interesting challenge to collaborate with people from different aspects of Hashtag and find ways to make our diverse skills work together, all within the short timeframe. At the end, seeing what everyone had to offer made me feel proud of what we are all able to do as a team.”
Eunice, Digital Marketing Executive

“It was a trying process of conceptualising our ideas and coming up with creative yet feasible solutions – but we put in our best efforts and we did it. From the process, we have definitely grown and learned much more than we had probably expected to.”
Ovidia, Digital Marketing Executive

“It was indeed a new experience for me. Being a developer, I have little knowledge about digital marketing so I learned a lot during the event.”
Dom, Developer

on February 11, 2016