HashCon 2019: Aiming For Awesome

Hashtag Interactive flies to Bali, Indonesia!

Ahh, #HashCon2019. What can we say other than we had the best time? 

It’s been a hot minute since both Singapore and Manila teams got to bond together as a whole. So this experience allowed us to chill, take a break from the hustle and bustle and catch up with each other.

For this year’s theme, we decided to go back to our roots, to one of the mantras we’ve held onto since Day 1: #AimForAwesome. The three-day stay in Bali provided us with an opportunity to look back and assess the work that we’ve done over the past year. Apart from evaluating the growth of the company, we also explored fresh ideas we can incorporate into our work as we aim for awesome moving forward.

It reminded us of why we’re here and why we do what we do. For us, “Aiming for Awesome” goes beyond consistently hitting KPIs and meeting deadlines. For us, “Aiming for Awesome” means immersing ourselves into the brands we work with, understanding their needs, and delivering quality work that we can actually be proud of. 

We’ve got tons of stories to tell, but in the meantime, we’ll just let this little video speak for us. Bali, you were truly exceptional. Now, where should we go for next year’s HashCon?

on September 19, 2019