Hashtag Interactive for Maybank Singapore

Maybank Singapore partners with the Hashtag team for some awesome social media content and marketing

Hashtag Interactive has been chosen to be the digital agency for one of Singapore’s premier financial corporations, Maybank! It is a Qualifying Full Bank (QFB) in the country and is one of Maybank Groups’ largest overseas operations. Along with this, Maybank Singapore has also been reputed to have a large impact on the country’s financial system and broader economy in the past years.

As part of their plan to expand the brand onto the digital space, Hashtag Interactive has been appointed to communicate Maybank’s key message: Humanising Financial Services. The strategy is to establish a clear voice and content style guide that are both engaging to the audience and consistent with the brand’s tone and image. We aim to diversify their content by including more interactive formats and creating personalised posts for specific customer personas, while making sure that these will result to higher drive engagement and reach.

We are looking forward to collaborating with Maybank and are extremely glad to work alongside them. Watch out as we get the ball rolling and sow the seeds to Maybank’s social media success!

on April 6, 2018