Hashtag Interactive is Growing in Manila!

Hashtag Interactive is hiring additional creative staff in the Philippines.

Hashtag Interactive is expanding its Manila team and we’re looking for some creative, clever, and quirky individuals to #HashItOut with us! If you’re interested in applying for any of the following roles, please email careersph@hashtag-interactive.com or follow the links to file your application through Jobstreet.

Digital Designer – The Digital Designer translates marketing campaign strategies into the visual language of graphic design. A clear understanding of typography, layout, animation and art direction will be needed to help the team produce the best work possible. The designer is a strong communicator, who can work with other team members to better understand what is needed, but can also explain the designer’s creations and the rationale behind them. The Digital Designer speaks the language of imagery and breathes colors and shades.

Content Producer – The Content Producer operates at a level well above your typical copywriter. They’re master wordsmiths that use words to craft a wide variety of content including social media posts, client-specific presentations, or blog posts. They’re impeccable communicators who understand their audience and use words to engage customers and create memorable experiences. They can see things from the customer’s perspective and find a common ground through which to help clients reach out to and inspire brand advocates.

Growth Strategist – The Growth Strategist is responsible for managing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities such as defining content strategy, engaging in link building, and creating keyword strategies to increase the internet search rankings of client pages. The Growth Strategist will also manage Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns on relevant search platforms including developing ad budget spending strategies and monitoring click-through and impression trends.

Job Postings are open through the end of February 2016.

on February 18, 2016