Hashtag Interactive Is Hiring!

Join our growing team and be a Digital Mastermind

Hashtag Interactive is expanding its Manila office, and we’re on the hunt for creative, clever, and quirky individuals to be part of our growing team. Check out our latest vacancies below and find out if you have what it takes to #HashItOut with us. You can apply here or you can email careersph@hashtag-interactive.com with your resume and desired position in the subject line.




Senior Copywriter – The Senior Copywriter operates at a level well above your typical writer. They’re master wordsmiths that use words to craft a wide variety of content including social media posts, client-specific presentations, or blog posts. They’re impeccable communicators who understand their audience and use words to engage customers and create memorable experiences. They can see things from the customer’s perspective and find a common ground through which to help clients reach out to and inspire brand advocates. We are also open to more junior copywriters with a flair for words and a willingness to learn.


Digital Designer – The Digital Designer translates marketing campaign strategies into the visual language of graphic design. A clear understanding of typography, layout, animation and art direction will be needed to help the team produce the best work possible. The designer is a strong communicator, who can work with other team members to better understand what is needed, but can also explain the designer’s creations and the rationale behind them. The Digital Designer speaks the language of imagery and breathes colors and shades.


Web Developer – The Web Developer powers the efforts of the Hashtag Interactive Technology Team as they leverage their programming skills to translate our technology dreams into reality. The Developer will contribute to our efforts to create new and exciting web technologies and enhance existing tools with added functionality. The Developer role requires a dedication to constant learning in order to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the programming world. The Developer also needs to be able to communicate well and solve problems as they come while not losing sight of scalability.


on June 20, 2016