Hashtag Interactive and Social Status release first-ever Singapore government social media report

Marking our 10 years in the industry, we’re making digital history: Hashtag Interactive and Social Status have teamed up to deliver the SG Government Social Dispatch, the first-ever government social media report.

Aiming to help marketers understand Singapore’s digital landscape on a deeper level, the report will provide a comprehensive look at the social media data of our ministries and government agencies — exclusively prepared and collated by our new partners at Social Status.

For now, let’s walk through the basics of the syndicated report, so you know what to expect.

Defining the Digital Landscape

As of 2023, around 84.6% of Singapore’s population use social media, comprising a significant chunk of the country’s digital landscape. Simply put, the digital landscape describes the overarching network of hardware, software, and content that influence digital advertising.

By collating the social media data of Singapore ministries, we paint a more detailed picture for other marketers and experts, helping them identify the trends that influence the values of our digital citizens. When utilised properly, our syndicated report also serves as a resource for maximising the community-building aspect of social platforms.

Singapore Government Statistics at a Glance

With around 80 clients in our roster, Hashtag Interactive is no stranger to solving digital dilemmas. Over time, we found a unique rhythm collaborating with government accounts, and with the release of the SG Government Social Dispatch, we wanted to establish ourselves as leaders in this niche of digital marketing. 

Here are some figures to look out for in our report:

  1. Average Monthly Posts, Interactions, and Engagements

Find out how active ministries and government agencies are on social media, and learn which ones get rewarded the most for it on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. 

  1. Community Sizes and Top Performing Posts

Identify which ministry has the largest following, and scope out the posts that audiences are most receptive to.

  1. Media Format 

From static images to dynamic videos, discover which post formats are favoured most by our ministries.

  1. Popular Days & Times for Posting

Zero in on the busiest time to post for government ministries, and decide whether your brand wants to ride the wave or avoid rush hour altogether.

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on August 11, 2023