Four of Our Favourite Valentine’s Day Campaigns for 2016

Valentine’s day has come and gone. Now it’s time to ask, were you able to make the most out of the holiday? According to an infographic from the theshelf.com, Valentine’s day spending has grown healthily during the past years as more and more people shift their view of the holiday. Instead of being just a day for couples, people now see it as a day to celebrate with their parents, children, friends and even pets. So it doesn’t really matter who your customers are anymore or what you are marketing, we could all be doing better with a little extra effort and a creative Valentine’s day campaign to win some love from our audiences.

Need ideas on how to create a successful social media campaign for the day of hearts? Let’s have a look at some of Hashtag Interactive’s favourites this year to help us craft even better ones for the year ahead.

4. Evans Hunt “Agency Sweethearts”
Digital ad agency, Evans Hunt, showed their clients just how much they love them by sending customised candy marked with ad-themed love notes. With lines like “Be my KPI,” “Lay that type,” and “Prince Kerning,” it’s just impossible not to love this Valentine’s day campaign. It’s simple, sweet and insanely clever. In fact, the only thing that we dislike about it, is the fact that we didn’t think of it first. Well played, Evans Hunt. Well played.

3. Michael Kors “Love Story”
The marketing team for Michael Kors are at it again by publishing a cute and effective Valentine’s day video that has made their audience simultaneously go “awwwww.” The animated short highlights the brand’s top products for this season, including the latest Michael Kors pastel handbags and an assortment of small leather items. The video, which debuted on 3 February, 2016 has already garnered over half a million views on Facebook, received more than 8,000 reactions and netted a little over 600 shares. It just goes to show that this cute little love story definitely has all the right elements to make it stand tall among its competitors.


Luxe is in the air! Start your own love story today: http://mko.rs/49598 #FallingInLoveWith

Posted by Michael Kors on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2. Teleflora “What is Love?”
So, what is love? Floral delivery company, Teleflora posed this question on its touching Valentine’s day film that will tug at your heartstrings and make you want to hug the closest person next to you. The video features a two-minute montage of people of various ages, races and sexual orientations cherishing their loved ones. The company’s campaign? A Love Note Concierge. A service through which call center representatives trained by Hannah Brencher, founder of The World Needs More Love Letters, help people draft the perfect message to attach to their bouquets, free of charge. The concept is brilliant in its simplicity, it not only drives people to buy flowers for their loved ones, it also helps solve a problem almost all of us has had to struggle with during this time of year: what to say to someone you love.

1. Necco’s 55th Valentine
It doesn’t matter who you are. If candy company, Necco’s tear-jerker of a Valentine’s day film doesn’t get to you, you might need to have your heart checked to see if it’s still beating. This campaign is at the top of our list because of how well-executed it is. In order to celebrate its Sweethearts brand’s 150th anniversary, the confection company decided on doing a “Share Your Sweet Story” campaign, wherein they invited people to share their stories of love and friendship and the role its Sweethearts product has played in those special memories. The result was a video about Jack and George’s love story. A story delivered so sincerely you can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy inside after watching it. In the end, the campaign brought such a powerful human interest story that reinforced their brand’s message and upped the ante for other companies aiming to produce a heartfelt social media campaign.

on February 16, 2016