Hyped & Hashtagged: 2021

‍A year-end digital marketing review by Hashtag Interactive

Two years into the global pandemic showed us the inevitable shift from traditional to digital, and with such developments, how is the world keeping up so far?

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect in our year-ender:

Into The Metaverse

A look into Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta master plan, hinging on the concept of interconnected reality, and what it means for us in the future.

The Age of TikTok

We’re welcoming the new “it” platform in town — but for brands, what’s the ideal way to penetrate the platform and utilise it in the best way possible?

Shift to Performance Marketing

With data insight on board, there emerged a results-driven approach to achieve a brand’s success. With this in mind, is performance marketing the answer to our marketing woes? 

Virtual Events

Events have always been a go-to marketing approach, but with the sudden pause because of Covid-19, most have decided to shift to virtual. The question though: is it a bummer or a game-changer?

Pre-game for 2022

Our prediction for the digital marketing landscape for next year.

on December 27, 2021