In Tune with the Times

How we created a fun National Day filter that resonated with Singaporeans. A case study.

This year, for the first time in Singapore’s history, National Day went digital and shifted online. Everyone watched the traditional parade on live broadcast from beginning to end, instead of one centralised celebration. Festivities were broken up and held all over Singapore, instead of one big gathering. 

For us at Hashtag Interactive, this was also a first. The first time we’re celebrating the nation’s birthday at home, instead of with fellow Singaporeans. It was also the first time we thought of creating a more meaningful impact on social media, instead of just posting a traditional greeting. 

The Idea

Mark the occasion in a meaningful way, but also showcase our strengths as a social media agency. We posed the question among ourselves: What would resonate with Singaporeans, be relevant with the times, and still be fun and shareable? 

The Execution

We thought of an Instagram filter that would connect Singaporeans on National Day despite being inside our respective homes.

Hitching on a popular Instagram trend, we created a “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” AR filter, using well-loved NDP songs throughout the years. 

The Results

Soon after launching the filter, we observed a total of 30.3k impressions, with 4.2k opens and 3.3k captures. It also accumulated 376 saves on Instagram and 390 shares. The best part? This all happened in just seven days.

The filter also caught the attention of the press and was featured in Marketing Interactive and Campaign Asia
To know more about the filter, check out our Instagram page, or try the filter for yourself here! (accessible via mobile)

on August 24, 2020