MEWR’s Renewal with Hashtag Interactive

MEWR has appointed Hashtag Interactive once more to handle social media marketing

We have added yet another notch in our belt as Hashtag Interactive has been reappointed by the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources (MEWR)! This follows a significant success with our previous collaboration, and so we are definitely looking forward to continuing our work for MEWR’s digital platform.

With MEWR’s revamped online display, we set out to communicate the importance of the environment and how we can take care of it. We transformed their social media channels into conducive spaces for learning which also emphasises MEWR’s vision and commitment to “provide Singaporeans with a quality living environment.”

With this in mind, we heightened MEWR’s Facebook content engagement by making it more local and by increasing MEWR’s interaction with its fans. Various campaigns were also integrated on both Facebook and Instagram platforms, which added waves across the brand’s fan community. To top it all off, we also handled their social media monitoring, assisted in the account’s pre-event, event, and post-event promotions.

For MEWR, capturing the curiosity of the public is a single step, while keeping their attention is a giant one in conquering the digital domain. Our previous collaboration presented the SSB Mascots in relatable situations through bite-sized formats, allowing our audience to engage with the different topic matters in short time spans. Our posts cover a range of content such as current and trending events, mascot-driven campaigns and factual posts.

Since the collaboration, MEWR’s efforts became more prominent to the public eye. In doing so, we were able to dynamically align our strategies to hit outreach and engagement targets out of the ballpark. Throughout the whole partnership, we have also learnt a fair bit more about caring for the environment and how easy it is to do so. We at Hashtag Interactive look forward to another successful collaboration where we can pave the digital landscape with fresh ideas and concepts!

on November 23, 2017