One Week in Manila

Something's brewing at Hashtag Labs...


It’s more fun in the Philippines.


It’s funny how that tourism slogan has been used in so many ways. Whether celebrating the fun things or picking on the problems that come along, you have to admit that the tagline has been pretty useful. And while at times I’m sure some folks are considering moving on to new slogan, I think it works just fine.

And our first full week in Manila for Hashtag Labs has been pretty fun indeed in so many memorable ways. We have a great team here and I’m really excited to see what amazing new ideas they’ll bring to the table. We already had the team go through a few projects even in this first week and the results have been pretty inspiring. And with the Singapore leadership on-site in full force, I’m sure everyone felt super welcome and really supported in the company’s first week of operations.

Hashtag Labs is One Week in Manila

Of course not everything has gone perfectly smooth and we’ve dealt with our fair share of new office challenges like weird connectivity issues and just having enough furniture. But these are always going to be opportunities to be more awesome and I’m super proud of of how we’ve pulled together as a team this early on and found ways to make things work in crazy awesome ways. And that’s what has me feeling all sorts of proud and mushy and happy at all once.

And we’re only just getting started! I definitely see big things ahead for the new team and what they can bring to the Hashtag Interactive family. And that includes Yoshi, too! Since he’s the only dog supporting the Manila office, he has his work cut out for him!

Hashtag Labs is proving to be quite the exciting little creativity incubator and I foresee some really great things coming from the team here. And it’s an honor and a privilege to be here to support the efforts as we move forward. Watch out Manila! We’re going to paint the town…green? Or something!

on July 27, 2015