Red Flags In Real Time

Mistakes To Watch Out For In Real-Time Marketing

Red Flags In Real TimeGone are the days when real-time marketing was just another trick in the hype book. It has now become a necessity for great digital strategy, as brands struggle to become a meaningful part of their audience’s connected lives, which is spent mostly on social media.  When there are major events, important holidays, or even suddenly-viral posts, creative attempts to relate can be expected. That’s how real-time marketing works, when brands join conversations about trends happening at any level.


The thing is, real-time marketing can go wrong real fast. A quick look at social media brand fails will give you an idea of just how bad it can get. If you miss your mark, it can make your brand look desperate, or worse, it can cause some serious damage. That’s why it helps to know what mistakes to watch out for. We break down some of the missteps that can make your real-time marketing campaign fail:


1. The Brand is Out of Place

Trending Now - The Brand is Out of PlaceLike an unwanted guest at a party, a post that doesn’t fit in with the occasion can make things awkward for everyone. If your brand can’t connect to an event in a way that feels genuine, your posts will be ignored or worse, go viral for the wrong reasons. Only work with trends that resonate for you as a brand. If it doesn’t flow well with your products or if it doesn’t mesh with your marketing strategy, then it’s best to just move along.  


2. Research and Planning Are Thrown Out The Window

It’s true that when the opportunity shows itself, being able to quickly come up with ideas is a must. But even if that’s the case, careful planning and research should not take the back seat. If you don’t already have a planned strategy in place, then there will be no way to know if your posts are aligned to your goals. Research is crucial for real-time marketing as well, since you’re going to be broadcasting to a massive audience instantly. Factual errors can ruin reputations, with some cases even leading to lawsuits.  So always remember to proof it before you post it.


3. The Audience Gets Taken For Granted

The Audience Gets Taken For GrantedReal-time marketing is more than just a chance to insert your brand into a conversation. It offers the prospect of being part of a moment that matters in your audience’s lives. If you’re not adding information or entertainment to the trend, then your followers have nothing to gain. Your real-time marketing strategy should not only be relevant to current events, it should be relevant to your audience as well. Always remember that your audience can easily tell when you’re just chiming in on the conversation to get into the social media limelight. You don’t want your brand to come across as self-centered, do you?


4. There’s No Team Dedicated To the Task

There’s No Team Dedicated To the TaskCreating smart real-time marketing campaigns is a team effort. There should be a great deal of brainstorming and exchanging of ideas that take place behind the scenes of successful real-time campaign. Without a team to monitor important occasions and daily trends, you’ll just end up with a lot of wasted opportunities. If you’re currently working with a
digital marketing agency, make sure that they are agile and flexible enough to keep up with important trends. They should also be able to provide interactive solutions to help you make the most out of real-time opportunities that can make your brand stand out.


Avoid these pitfalls and you’ll be one step closer to effectively harnessing the power of real-time marketing. When you get it right, your audiences will not only welcome you to their social conversations, they will expect your brand to be there.

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on June 24, 2016