Team Hashtag Spotlight

Meet Our Administrative Officer, Ann

With her unique sense of humor and caring nature, she definitely brings the good vibes to the daily grind. Read on and get inside the crazy world of our fun-loving administrative officer, Ann.

Ann - The Pirate Admin

Walk us through a regular day in the office for you.

I’m usually the early bird in the office. The most important part of my morning ritual is, of course, to have a cup of coffee. Once I get my fill of caffeine, I start going through my emails and checking my to-do list for the day. We then have our daily team stand-up, then after that I just proceed with my administrative tasks. Cooking time would be next, that’s around noon time, and most days I get help from Chucky. We eat lunch together everyday, and we always love sharing jokes, laughs and weird moments. After that, we just spend the rest of our time getting our jobs done, and if there’s enough time, we buy or cook food before the day ends.

Fast Facts - AnnCan you tell us the story of how you became ‘the mom’ of the Manila office?

It all started with Mon! She wanted me to be her mommy in the office. Next thing I know, everybody started calling me Mommy, Mama, Nanay and Mom. I didn’t like it that much at first, but then I got used to it. I even made up a story for each of my ‘children’ and how I met their imaginary dads!



Aside from adding hot sauce to your every meal, what else do you do to spice up a boring work day?

As much as possible, I stay away from the worry zone and I always try to look at the fun side of things. By drinking coffee and sharing my crazy sense of humor with my fellow Hashtaggers, I’m able to get rid of negative thoughts and boredom.


 What’s one thing you learned from watching “One Piece” that you can apply to working at Hashtag?

Teamwork is probably coolest thing I learned from the series. The characters start out as strangers or rivals, yet as the series goes along they eventually form friendships. I think the Hashtag team is a lot like these characters. There are many challenges that are hard to face individually, but then they don’t seem too impossible when there’s support from the team.

You’re stuck with one hashtag for the rest of your life, what would it be?

We’re all Game of Thrones fans at the office, and since I love Khal Drogo and everyone was already calling me Mom, I became known as the Hashtag Mother of Dragons.



on July 1, 2016