Team Hashtag Spotlight

Meet our Senior Accounts Strategist, Ovidia

She sings, she does Zumba, she likes chicken– Here’s a peek into the zany world of one of our Senior Accounts Strategists, Ovidia Goh.


Walk us through a regular day in the office for you.

I start my day feeding Didi and Izzy, our resident cats. Then, I settle at my table, starting by checking my emails and Qwerk. I collate my to-dos for the day/week and note them down on my weekly planner to keep track of my tasks and deliverables. We usually have stand-up about the time I’m done, and after stand-up I start on my work for the day.

You’re the office Zumba instructor. What is one thing you know from Zumba that you can apply to your job as an accounts strategist?

I would think it’s about being confident and daring in what I do. When I Zumba, it builds my self-confidence and I feel empowered when I manage to complete a difficult move.

Between eating Korean chicken wings and working as an accounts manager, how do you manage your time?

How is this even a question? I can eat with one hand and type with another. Seriously though, it’s all about being organised, orderly and clear about what the tasks of higher priority are, before completing them one step at a time. Then you reward yourself with a bite of the Korean chicken wings!



What is your favourite song to belt out at the office?

There are so many songs that I like, it’s hard to choose. My all-time favourite would definitely be Demons by Imagine Dragons though, and probably Shape of You by Ed Sheeran now too. But if I had someone to duet with, it would probably be Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. Sadly, I always sing the guy parts in duet cause my voice is low like that.


You’re stuck with one hashtag for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My hashtag for life would be #SayNoToVegetables. Life is so much better without the greens.



on May 26, 2017