Team Hashtag Spotlight

Meet Our Digital Designer, Chucky

Whether it’s designing engaging motion graphics or playing the bass – this guy definitely rocks. Read on as our digital designer Von Henriex a.k.a. Chucky lets you know what he’s all about.


Blog Spotlight - Von Henriex


Walk us through a regular day in the office for you.

First thing in the morning, we have our team stand-up . We map out the tasks that we’ll be handling for the day while sharing a few laughs. At lunch, we talk about all sorts of weird things, but a lot of our chats revolve around spoilers and theories about Game of Thrones. As part of the design team (BTW, we call it the MMDA which stands for MikkiMon Design Authority), I proceed with creating images, motion graphics and videos, trying to stick to our deadlines. Oh, and we crack a lot of jokes throughout the day.


Since you’re the musician in the team, what song do you think would best describe your work here?

I think it would be Beyond by Farewell Fair Weather. I won’t give a follow-up explanation, just check it out and listen.

Hashtag - Von Henriex

So, music and motion graphics, what’s the common thread?

Both are in the creative field, so I get to be an artist in two different ways. What’s great is that I’m able to do both with equal passion. Motion graphics require background sounds to sync with so I’m able to apply my music skills there. At the same time, I get to explore new beats that i could use for future band jams.

If you’re sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great year it’s been, what did you just achieve?

I completed projects with big time clients and my design skills just reached a whole new level. Also, our band just finished recording our original songs and they have just been released on Spotify.


What’s the weirdest stereotype you’ve heard about people with curly hair?

People keep asking me if my hair is fake. So I guess the stereotype there is, people with afro are just wearing wigs.


You’re stuck with only one hashtag for the rest of your life, what would it be?

#FluffyChucky for sure.


Overheard At Hashtag - Von Henriex

on June 17, 2016