Where Did My Google Ads Go?

Google has made changes to how it handles search ads.

After years of on-and-off testing Google recently confirmed, that they’ve made a number of changes to how search ads are displayed together with search results.

What does this mean?

  1. No text ads will be served on the right sidebar for desktop searches. For AdWords targeting, these used to be referred to as positions 4 – 7.
  2. Up to four text ads may now appear above search results, particularly for “highly commercial queries” where Google perceives an intent to purchase.
  3. Up to three text ads will appear at the bottom of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
  4. Overall, only a total of seven text ads may show on a single SERP.
  5. The right sidebar will be utilised for product listing ad blocks and Google Knowledge Panels.

How does this affect your campaigns?
We’re still evaluating what this change will mean for our search advertising strategies as this may have an effect on advertising bids and other costs. We will keep all partners updated on the latest information related to this change and your accounts advertising strategies on a regular basis.

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on February 26, 2016