Which of These April Fools 2021 Pranks Have You Seen?

A roundup of April Fools posts from brands and companies we enjoyed seeing.

Love it or hate it, April Fool’s Day has come once again to give everyone, even us adults, a pass to play some lighthearted pranks and mischief on each other — and that goes especially true for brands. This is after all a great excuse for even the most serious of companies to let loose and go big on fanciful ideas that would otherwise never fly any other day of the year. 

Done right, an April Fool’s post is a great way to delight your audience and spread awareness of your brand to the masses if it ever goes viral. 

Here then are some of the most fun and engaging April Fool’s pranks that popped up on our radar this year.

ShopeeTea by Shopee Singapore

Shopee is already a popular place to find bubble tea deals, so starting its own bubble tea chain is not that far-fetched of an idea. If their April 1st press release is to be believed, the eCommerce giant will soon offer bubble tea in local flavours such as Durian x Carrot and Mala Xiang Guo.

Amphibious bus to Pulau Tekong by Tower Transit Singapore

Featuring “amphibious busses” the new Bus Service 0500 announced by TTS will supposedly traverse both land and water to get you from Jurong East to Pulau Tekong. It’s not going to be a quick trip though as they say the route would take four hours. 
Spirit Sense by PropertyGuru Singapore 

Aside from letting you filter haunted houses, this “update” also lets you filter out units with noisy neighbours or too many animals. Not gonna lie, these are features we’d totally want to have on a property search app.

Local Flavours by Durex Singapore

Unveiled a week ahead of April Fool’s Day, Durex Singapore encouraged their fans to “rediscover what it means to love local” with its new line of Durian/Chendol/Coconut sherbet flavoured condoms. Unfortunately for fans who actually wanted to try it, the announcement was revealed to be indeed a prank.

Fresh Daily Face Wash by Subway Malaysia

Then there’s Subway Malaysia, who wanted to help everyone look as fresh as their sandwiches by creating the Super Fresh Daily Face Wash line. It featured fan favourite ingredients such as tomato, lettuce, onion, cucumber, green pepper, cheese, and sweet corn.

Pet wallet by YouTrip Singapore

Surely our pets must have stuff they want to buy online too right? Well, thanks to “YouTrip for Pets” our fur babies can have access to their own personal wallets, which they can use to buy toys in exchange for some of their treats.

Boop by Hashtag Interactive

For our own April Fool’s offering, we shared an upcoming app called Boop that would allow your pets to chat with and make new friends online and schedule playdates. Our office pets had fun posing for their profile pics as you can see here.

That’s it for now. This is certainly not a complete list of April Fools pranks done by brands this year, so if you know of any other great examples that we should take a look at, feel free to share them with us on our Facebook page.

on April 7, 2021